Things To Consider While Choosing Furniture Removalist in Sydney

Things To Consider While Choosing Furniture Removalist in Sydney

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Choosing quality removalists can be a challenge. For one, you’re not directly involved in the industry, so it’s hard to get a handle on who is a quality removalist and who isn’t. But more than that, there’s a lot that goes into choosing Sydney removalists who can meet your particular removal needs. You may find quality furniture removalists Sydney, but if they don’t provide the specific office relocation services you need, then they’re unlike to be of much use. 

Removalists in Sydney differ considerably from one another. Some are good at the administrative side of the business, creating checklists to ensure that you’ve not forgotten anything. Others are pros when it comes to packing, making sure that each box is optimally filled and ready for the road. Movers and packers can provide expert advice on how to transport certain items, and provide the specialist equipment to make it happen safely. 

Moving house or office is a significant undertaking. As a responsible homeowner or business manager, you need to have confidence that your furniture removalist is going to do a good job. This article is here to help. Here you’ll find out how to choose movers Sydney who will do a great job. Here’s what you should consider. 

Find A Mover Who Provides Clear Estimates

Furniture removal Sydney shouldn’t be a guessing game. A good removalist will provide accurate estimates and quotes before a move begins and stick with them. 

The first thing that a quality company will do is consider how much time it will take to move all your possessions. Working out the time it will take to pack, move, and unpack all your things is a difficult task in and of itself. But experienced house removal and office movers can perform a quick calculation based on their observation of your situation. Often all it takes is a simple look around to come up with a clear picture of the total length of time the move will make. 

The time it takes should then lead on to a calculation of the overall cost. Interstate removalists in Sydney make money by charging per unit of time. So if a removalist thinks that total labor time will be ten hours, then that will scale directly with their cost. Most removalists in Sydney charge per five-minute or ten-minute increment. A quality removalist will, therefore, give you an estimate to the nearest time increment and offer a quote in advance of the move. Look for firms that are willing to stick with their original estimate and not add extra fees onto the price. 

Find A Mover In Sydney That Offers Additional Services

Not all house removals and office removals in Sydney offer additional services besides basic removal. But having the option for extra moving and storage options is vital to help your move go smoothly. 

Suppose, for instance, you’re a homeowner, and you have a large grand piano that you need moving to your new address. Picking it up and putting it in the back of the truck with the rest of your possessions is not an option. The piano could become damaged by the surrounding items, leading to costly repairs. Moreover, pianos are heavy and require special tools to move safely during transport. A homeowner could suffer damage or loss of an important belonging if the moving company doesn’t offer bespoke piano moving services. 

Corporate relocation can benefit from additional services too. Companies need companies that are prepared to not only pack and unpack their equipment but help them set it up at their new destination. The job of moving heavy desks and printers shouldn’t be left to colleagues: it should form part and parcel of the service. 

Additional services could include all kinds of things. Here are some additional services that you’ll want to look out for: 

  • Large item moving services – for pianos and other bulky and expensive items
  • Car moving services
  • Office setup services
  • Packing and labeling services
  • International moving services
  • Truck size options
  • Crew size options

Find A Mover In Syndey With Excellent Reviews

The great thing about the digital age is that it is easier than ever before to research the quality of a company’s services. Practically all house removalists Sydney are subject to unfiltered online reviews – something that was never the case before the internet took off. It’s easier than ever before for people living in Sydney to find packers and movers who offer quality services. All it requires is hopping on the internet, firing up local search, and then looking through Google, Yelp and TrustPilot reviews of local firms. 

Not all reviews for all companies will be positive. You’d expect every company to have a few negatives. Firms can’t always meet the needs and expectations of their clients, even if they run a functional operation. What you’re looking for is whether most reviews are positive. You want to check that the majority of customers had a good experience with the mover and that they provided the expected level of service. 

Pay particular attention to reviews concerning the type of move that you need. If you’re looking for office removalists Sydney, then look for company reviews of moving services. An interstate removalist might have an exceptional track record in the residential sector, but an abysmal one in the commercial. Similarly, you might find a company that specialises in interstate removals, able to transport belongings long distances with no problem at all. But that same company might not offer the storage options you need, making it useless. 

Of course, you don’t just have to look online for reviews of packers and movers in Sydney: you can ask for referrals too. Referrals are particularly advantageous when moving office. You can canvas other businesses in your particular area of Sydney and ask them about their experience with removalists. Often you’ll find a mix of responses. Listen carefully to what other businesses tell you and ask them whether they would be willing to recommend particular movers. Discuss the problems and issues they faced and what the office removalists did to resolve it. 

Find Out Mover Who Doesn’t Make Hidden Charges

Moving services should be upfront about their fees, just like businesses in other industries. Unfortunately, not all are, leading customers to have to fork out more than they expected. It’s not a pleasant experience for either homeowners or business managers. 

One of the things that some companies do is exclude sales tax from their quotes and include that the tax is payable in the small print. While technically the sales tax is a fee charged by the government, it’s also something that most companies automatically include the in price. When you move, you expect the moving company to cover the tax in the price, not add it on as an extra. 

Another thing that removal companies can do is charge you extra that you originally estimated. You might think that a move requires 20 hours of labour. The removal company may agree but then decide that because the move took longer than expected, you owe them the money for 30 hours of work, substantially boosting the price. 

Ideally, a removalist will agree on a labour figure in advance, promising to complete the work in a set period. Not only does this encourage the movers to do their job efficiently, but it also gives you peace of mind. You don’t want to be standing there in your new home, wondering how much the mover is going to charge you for all the time that they’re taking unpacking and installing your possessions. That’s not a nice feeling. 

Pay A Higher Hourly Rate For A Better Quality Service

You might be tempted to look for the interstate removalist in Sydney who charges the cheapest hourly rate to save a buck or two. But, as in any industry, you get what you pay for. Cheap removalists rely on unskilled labour and rarely employ rigorous quality control or train their operatives in moving possessions safely. 

The hourly rate should be just one consideration among many. If one removalist charges $35 per hour and has excellent reviews, while another costs $30 per hour, but doesn’t have good reviews, it’s worth going with the pricier option. The $35 per hour option is more expensive, but it gives you peace of mind in return (not to mention a lower risk of damaging your possessions). 

Commercial enterprises, in particular, can benefit from quality, experienced packing services in Sydney. An experienced office moving company can help carefully pack and transport sensitive and valuable equipment like printers and photocopiers. You do not want amateurs moving these valuable pieces of equipment. There’s a certain level of skill and know-how involved. 

Find A Mover Who Covers Insurance

Quality removalists insure every aspect of their operation, protecting both themselves and you from costly litigation and loss. Uninsured removalists are at best trying to recklessly cut costs and at worst involved in some kind of scam. Double-check whether your removalist has insurance before proceeding. You want to check that they have insurance for the following: 

  • Insurance on all vehicles, trucks and loading equipment 
  • Coverage which protects against loss should the movers damage your possessions
  • Public liability insurance to protect your colleagues and family against injury during the moving process
  • Worker insurance to protect their workers against injury and death

All good removalists in Sydney have these levels of insurance. It’s a necessary part of doing business, and something that all responsible company owners buy. 

Australian law provides automatic guarantees for consumers transporting their possessions. The removalist must do the following: 

Provide the service within a reasonable time frame (if no time is agreed beforehand)

Be equipped to provide a removal service as specified by you

Deliver your belongings with due care and attention, and avoid loss or damage to your goods

Find A Mover Who Is Prepared To Listen To Your Needs

Moving house or office is a complicated business. There’s a lot to consider. A removal company, therefore, needs to provide you with a consultation – an opportunity for you to explain your needs to them. 

During the consultation, you need to brief the mover on anything you feel is essential and related to your move. You may want to consider any of the following: 

  • Carpets and curtains. Movers won’t automatically assume that you want to take the carpets and curtains with you when you move. However, if you do, then you’ll need to tell them in advance. It takes time to take up carpets and load curtains into the truck, and it requires extra space. 
  • Difficult-to-move items. As discussed, some movers provide special equipment for moving difficult-to-move items, like pianos. You’ll want to tell your mover in advance if you have any items like this that need transporting. 
  • Furniture to be dismantled. Even with specialist equipment, not all pieces of furniture can be moved out of your home without taking them apart. Beds and wardrobes are sometimes too big to carry down flights of stairs or out of bedroom doors. 
  • Stuff that you will remove yourself. When removal company comes to your office or house, they’ll base their quote on the cost of removing all of the items they see. However, if you’re transporting some of your belongings yourself, this will reduce the cost. Tell the moving company the things that you plan to remove yourself so that they can incorporate this information into the estimate. Some people can save a considerable amount of money by taking possessions with them in the car or a van. 
  • A floor plan of your new property. The last thing you’ll want to do is give your movers and packers a floor plan of your new address. This will help them decide what should go where when they begin unpacking your possessions at the new destination. This is especially helpful for office movers when planning on how to install new desks and computers. 

If you’re planning to use removal services in Sydney, there’s a lot you need to consider. Hopefully, however, with the help of this article, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth and happy move.

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