Our team comprises of professional removalists who know exactly how to move your house around the country. We know that moving is a complex process that requires lots of effort and attention to the smallest tasks. Our movers are specially trained to help you through every step of moving your house, along with providing customized services according to your needs and budget.
At Furniture Removal Sydney, we pay special attention to moving items in a way that they arrive at the destination exactly in the condition they were packed in. Our skilled removalists take utmost care of your precious items to ensure that they arrive in the best condition. Our talented team has complete knowledge and overwhelming dedication to provide exceptional customer service to our customers and to make sure that everything arrives at the destination on your allocated time and budget. We provide relocation services locally, covering all areas inside Sydney.
Following are the reason why we are the most trusted interstate removalists throughout Sydney:

  • Our experience lies in moving places of all sizes, whether it is a small office or a large home, we can provide you the best moving services.
  • We take care of the entire process of handling furniture, which includes dismantling, packing, wrapping, and reassembling.
  • We have a special team for packing and unpacking heavy and fragile items. The team will take responsibility for moving all such items, be it artwork or grand pianos, with maximum care and safety.
  • Our pricing system is fair and straightforward, you will not have to bear any hidden costs. We aim to provide you the best quotation based on your moving requirements.
  • We provide professionally managed and well-maintained storage facilities to our customers. You can book them whenever you like without any minimum costs. This means you will only be charged for the time and space that you use.
  • Our contract covers the entire moving process. From packing your goods to unpacking and reassembling in your new house, we ensure you are fully settled at your new location before we end the contract.
  • The reviews and testimonials from our clients are proof of our reliability and affordable pricing. We promise to deliver the best services and value for money for each of our customers.
  • We provide a wide range of door-to-door removalist service in order to make your moves easy and stress-free.
  • We do not compromise on our customer service throughout the move.
  • Our team consists of reliable and skilled removalists who know how to carry each of your valuables with utmost care.

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Our experience in the moving industry is what differentiates is from other movers. Our team is fully trained beforehand so they can completely satisfy you. Along with being trained, they are also fully equipped to ensure that your valuables are moved safe and sound without any kind of damages. When packing and tying furniture into the truck, we only use soft padded blankets, so they are relocated without any scratches. Similarly, we use bubble wrap for all the fragile items that tend to incur damages during transit.

Customers remember us as friendly, hardworking, reliable, and honest in their reviews. People who choose Furniture Removal Sydney tend to opt for our services over and over again. Our customers appreciate that we complete most of our small jobs and one-off deliveries within the 2-hour minimum. If by chance the time exceeds two hours, we charge by half-hour increments. The final cost of the relocation is determined purely by the time the job took. What we can say for sure is that the better prepared you are, the lesser time it will take for removalists to complete the job.

Furniture Removal Sydney is an award-winning company comprising of professional removalists in Sydney that provides high-quality packing and furniture removals services to thousands of residents in Sydney. We operate 24/7, providing high-standard services to our clients all around the city. With years of experience in this industry, a dedicated team, and highly trained Sydney removalists, we make sure your relocation is an ultimate moving experience.

Our Sydney removals team understands the stress that comes with relocation, whether it is moving local or long distance. Opting for Furniture Removal Sydney means you will have peace of mind that your valuable belongings will be transported with utmost care at the time promised with you.


Our trained team has been through the moving process many times and they know everything that you may need to plan your upcoming move. We can guide you through the planning stage and can also take it off your hands completely so that you are free to focus on other important things. Whichever services you decide to take, we will make sure that you understand what needs to be done by you, what we will be doing, how long would each stage of the moving process take, and what will be the sequence of events. You can make use of our handy checklist to jot down tasks to be completed, ticking off each as it gets done. Our main goal is to ease your mind and ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Therefore, we are there for our clients right from the start.
Relocation requires good planning and an organized execution because an unplanned move becomes time-consuming and may also damage your property. Our experts take their time to understand the scale and complexity of the task then use their experience and skills to plan accordingly. We work out the best possible time for your move considering the traffic and weather conditions on your moving day. Since we pack and load all your belongings in an organized manner, we are able to keep track of everything, so they are not misplaced or damaged at any point.

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We Provide with you


    Unlike many other companies, we don’t keep our clients guessing. Before making any formal contract, we provide a free quotation for the entire process so you can keep everything in mind

    before deciding if you want our services. Most customers end up choosing us because we provide customized rates keeping your budget constraints in mind.

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    We understand that moving is a lengthy, stressful process that cannot be carried out all on your own. This is why Furniture Removal Sydney provides a complete package of moving services to

    its customers so there is nothing left for them to worry about. Our services cover everything from planning your move to unpacking your belongings at your new house.

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    We will provide you all the right materials for packing your valuables so that they remain safe during the moving process. Since we are professionals in this task, we know exactly which

    materials are needed for packing your items, including mattress covers, tapes, crates, boxes, and shrink-wraps. We also provide bubble-wraps for securing fragile items, but we always advise that you leave the packing of fragile valuables to us to avoid any kind of damage.

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    You will be extremely busy during the moving days so it’s important that we communicate time for relocation. However, we will not charge you if you are not available that the time that you

    give us. Our dedicated communications team will get in touch with you before we send our moving truck to your place. This ensures compliance on both ends and that the moving process starts only once you’re ready for it.

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    This is one of the most important services that we offer. We take complete responsibility of all your belongings, which means any damage to your items is covered by our insurance. We will

    compensate you in every possible way if any of your belongings get damaged during the process. At the same time, we treat all your belongings just like they are our own, hence carrying them with utmost care.

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    We know how difficult it can be to find a secure location to store your goods while you are moving to a new location, particularly during a long-distance To help you with this, we provide state-of-the-art storage spacesmove.

    that are moisture and temperature controlled, are monitored via CCTV cameras, and have dedicated sections for different types of valuables.

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Our team consists of well-trained and skilled removalists who have professional experience in relocating offices and homes. Therefore, we guarantee that some of the best removalists in the country will come to serve you so that everything is conducted in a planned and organized manner. This is one of the reasons why we are known to be reliable and trustworthy removalists who give priority to their customers.


As part of our furniture removal services Sydney, we offer many value-added services including

  • Free Use of Our Boxes
  • Free Assembly of Beds
  • Free Plastic Wrap

You can make your move budget-friendly by using our packing boxes for free, buying wrapping and tape through the website, and paying online. Packing boxes are as cheap as $3.0 per carton. Once you’re done with moving, you can sell these boxes, save for future use, or opt for our buyback offer.

Handling beds is not easy, so we especially assign professionals to do that task for you. They will dismantle your bed and place everything at the new location exactly where it belongs. We carry our own tools for all such tasks, so you have nothing left to worry about.

As part of our service, we wrap all mattresses in plastic without any additional charges. This protects your mattress from any damage or dirty hand marks during the move. This plastic wrap offer covers mattresses only.

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Moving can be a very frustrating and complex process that requires multiple complex steps to be taken in an organized and chronological manner. From creating a timeline to settling in the new place, everything is part of the moving hassle. Being involved in the nitty-gritty details of moving is likely to make it even more stressful and traumatizing than it would be otherwise. Since we understand how difficult all of this is, we assure our customers that everything will be taken care of by us. The services we offer cover everything from organizing to unpacking. Along with this, our professional movers will also redecorate your new location just as good as your old one so that you feel all settled and comfortable.

You will have peace of mind when you know all your valuables are in safe hands. Furniture Removal Sydney is your complete moving solution for moving a small or large number of items from one place to another. We ensure relocation with only one move because of our wide range of removal trucks and packaging boxes of all sizes. Before the actual move, we perform an analysis of your items so that we appoint the right truck for your job. Our customers are never disappointed with the services we provide in the most affordable prices.


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    Regardless of the distance that you need to cover, the number of stops that are on the way, and the time it takes to reach your destination, we will not charge you extra for the traveling time.

    This includes the time it takes for our movers to arrive at your doorstep as well as the time that it takes for our moving trucks to reach your new destination. Whether you have an hourly contract or a fixed price contract with us, the traveling time is on us!

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  • FUEL

    As with the traveling time, we believe that it would be unfair of us to charge you for the fuel that is consumed by our trucks when reaching your destination.

    This is the reason all fuel charges are waived for our customers, no matter how great the distance.

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    We understand that it takes time to make the right decision and this is the reason we never charge our clients for urgent bookings. If there is an availability, we will entertain your moving request with no extra


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    Often, the best time of the year to move is during the holidays or on the weekends. Furniture Removal Sydney acknowledges this and provides you with its elusive weekend and public

    holidays moving services at the same cost as all of our other moving services.

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    Here at Furniture Removal Sydney, we provide you with the luxury of canceling your bookings at any time. Even though we never wish for you to cancel, but we understand that emergencies

    happen and so, you can cancel bookings without the fear of cancellation charges being charged.

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    Keeping in mind that most house and office relocations require moves up to the first floor, we lower your costs by not charging you for moving your belongings up the stairs for up to the first level.

    To ensure that our professional movers are paid competitively for their efforts, we charge a minimal cost for stairs above the first floor of your home and office.

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    Our packing and unpacking services include provision of packaging materials including boxes, packing tape, and other supplies at reasonable prices. This is to ensure that you always enjoy peace of mind and do

    not have to worry about having the right packing supplies when packing your valuable belongings.

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    When you choose Furniture Removal Sydney’s complete relocation services, we provide you with value-added planning and scheduling services for free.

    plan and inventory of all your belongings to ensure that everything during the move goes smoothly, within time and budget.

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When you choose Furniture Removal Sydney for your move, you can expect to work with experienced professionals who will handle everything for your move from A to Z. Our dedicated movers are skilled individuals who have gained their expertise through years of experience in the field and competitive training. Our objective is to always over-deliver on our promises with our customers and this is the reason we are always on time and within budget. We ensure that you enjoy peace of mind while our professionals take care of every step of the move including planning, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and redecoration for you. As one of the most well-known movers in the country, Furniture Removal Sydney is always looking to go far and beyond your expectations when it comes to the quality and safety of your move.

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Furniture Removal Sydney provides the complete range of home removals services which cove house relocations of all sizes including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom moves. We have a professional team of movers dedicated to house removals that handle all aspects of your move from planning and packing to transporting and redecoration for you. What is most convenient about our service is that we take care of everything for you at a price that does not break the bank. We help you enjoy a stress-free experience of moving through our professional home Removalists Sydney services that include furniture assembly and disassemble, pet removals, piano removals, vehicle transportation, and fragile belongings packing. We take utmost care of your belongings and plan everything out for you so that you can sit back and relax as we move you to your destination.
There is no home removals job that is too big or too small for us because our team of experienced movers has handled all kinds of moves from small-bedroom houses to large estates with more than 5 bedrooms. As part of our range of house removals services, we provide our customers with the services of packing and unpacking, secure storage, planning and scheduling, and redecoration all of which ensure a stress-free moving experience for you.


If you are looking for high-quality and expert home removalists in Sydney that are affordable yet do not compromise on professional then get in touch with our team.


If you are planning on moving your office to a new location within Sydney soon then Furniture Removal Sydney’s office relocation services are just what you need. One of the most essential components of office relocation is inventory management to ensure that all of your valuable belongings, including file cabinets and electronics, are moved properly without getting damaged or lost. This is the reason our range of office relocation services cover all types of moving services include planning and inventory management, blueprint design for electrical components, fixture installation, office furniture removals, and computer system relocation. Our professional movers have vast experience of moving businesses of all sizes including small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large organizations.
We take care of everything for you from the detailed planning of your move to the safe and secure transportation of all your office belongings to ensure that you can enjoy peace of mind. We handle all the move-related tasks for you so that you can focus on other aspects that are more important, such as encouraging employees to move to the new location. For choosing our office relocation services, all you need to do is to state your budget, time, and destination and we will handle everything from there for you. Our office removalists Sydney services include reinstallation of your computerized systems and electrical fixtures upon arrival at your destination so that you do not have to hire third-party electricians and technicians to do that for you. We cover everything you need to move your office to a new destination at an affordable price. Our tailor-made quotations and packages are most suitable for offices that want to move quickly, with minimum losses, and within a restricted budget.


One of the most important things to consider when hiring a mover is the cost since you want to relocate your office without too many overhead costs to the business. This is the reason our cheap office removalists Sydney are suitable for offices of all size. If you would like to learn more about our office removals services, feel free to reach out.

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One of the most important stages of a move is packing and unpacking. If done effectively, it can ensure not just the safety of your valuable belongings but also a stress-free experience when redecorating at your new location. The best practices for packing your valuables are to use the right packing materials, a proper inventory plan, and proper labels on all of your boxes. When you hire the skilled and professional packers from Furniture Removal Sydney, this is exactly what you get. Our experienced packers make use of the best practices of packing with the highest standard of packing materials to ensure that all of your belongings are safely and securely packed for transportation.
As part of our packing and unpacking services, we provide you with a team of dedicated packers who first develop an inventory of all your belongings that need to be transported. After this, the team categorizes the belongings into fragile items, consumable items, and other items so that they can pack each category of items accordingly. After this, our team prepares a list of the items that belong to each room in your current location such as the bedroom and dining room. After this thorough planning phase, our team starts packing all of your belongings with the adequate packing materials including strong adhesive packing tape, durable and high-quality packing boxes, and long-lasting labels. They label every item and every box before they seal it to ensure that you know exactly what belongings are present in which box during unpacking.
Once the packing phase is complete, our team helps you unpack and put everything back into their location at your new destination. By simply scanning the list of items that belong to each room, our team can suggest and recommend what items should be unpacked and placed in which room in your new home. After unpacking, our team will also help you redecorate your new home as a value-added service. Our packing and unpacking service is all about providing you with a comfortable moving experience while ensuring the utmost safety of all your valuables.


Packing can be an expensive part of the move since it requires a lot of packing supplies to carry out effectively, not to mention all the time that you need to plan and pack your belongings. With our cheap packing and unpacking services Sydney, you enjoy the benefit of not having to worry about anything related to this stage of the move. Contact us right away if you would like to learn more about this service.
PS: We provide free packing supplies when you choose our packing and unpacking services!


Moving is not an easy process, particularly when the dates are not aligned. Imagine a scenario where you need to leave your current location today but can shift into your new location a week later because of renovation work, contractual obligations, or any such reason. During most such moves, you will need a safe and secure location where you can store all of your valuable belongings. This is where Furniture Removal Sydney’s storage services come in handy.
Whether you are looking for a temporary secure warehouse to store your belongings while they are in transit to your new location, or you are looking for safe storage space for the extra belongings that you have, our storage services Sydney are suitable for you. Our storage facilities and warehouses are secure, temperature-controlled, and monitored via CCTV cameras to ensure the maximum safety and security of all your belongings. We offer flexible pricing plans for our storage services so that you never have to pay extra. Our affordable pricing plan ensures that you pay for just the storage that you use.


If you are looking for an excellent storage facility that is available at an affordable price per square foot then we recommend our Cheap Storage Sydney service for you. You can learn more about our pricing and plans by getting in touch with us.

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The ace of all cards is our complete relocation services which covers everything that you need after making the decision to move. Once you know that you will be moving, you can call us and reach out to us and we will take care of everything there onwards. From planning the move and helping you select the right moving day to packing and transporting all of your belongings, our complete relocation services handle everything for you. With this premium service, you never have to lift a finger for your move and can enjoy a stress-free and comfortable moving experience. Our complete relocation services are available for both home removals and office removals of all sizes so that no matter how big or small your move might be, you can always enjoy peace of mind.
Our complete relocation services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Planning of your move, including major dates such as when packing will start, when the movers will arrive, and when will your belongings reach your new destination.
  • Inventory checklist that will cover all your belongings including when and how will they be packed to provide convenience during unpacking.
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly to help you move all your furniture including your bed, cabinets, wardrobe, pianos, and office furniture.
  • Automobile relocation and pet relocation that have dedicated trucks and cages for them respectively that need to be prebooked.
  • Packing of all your belongings and proper labeling of all packed boxes.
  • Loading and transportation of all your belongings to your destination.
  • Unpacking and redecoration of your new home or office with all of your valuable belongings.


If you would like to learn more or get a quote for our cheap relocation services Sydney then get in touch with our team right away.


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Being renowned removalists in the Sydney interstate region, Furniture Removal Sydney is proud to state that we have a Sydney-wide interstate removalists coverage. All of our services including packing and unpacking, storage, house removals, and office relocation are available throughout the state of Sydney including major areas such as The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Kings Cross, and Eastern Suburbs among several others. No matter what area are you located in within Sydney, our movers will be there to help you relocate to all other local areas within the state. Our network of offices and moving trucks across Sydney are always available to serve you. Just give us a call and we will be there at your doorstep in no time!

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A common question that people ask is whether they should be hiring movers or not. There is always the option to move on your own but it is not recommended, particularly because of the safety and personal health concerns that it gives rise to. With cheap removalists services now available such as those by the renowned Furniture Removal Sydney, there is little to no incentive now of moving on your own and putting your own and your family and friend’s safety at risk. If you are still pondering over the decision between moving yourself versus hiring professional Sydney movers then here is a list of reasons why you should go for expert movers.


  • Inexperience is often the most common cause of failed and stressful moves. But, when you hire a professional mover such as Furniture Removal Sydney, everything is taken care of by the movers so there is very little for you to worry about. By hiring movers, you can enjoy a stress-free moving experience and peace of mind because everything will be handled by professionals who have years of experience and training behind their belt to help you move.

  • When you rent your own truck for moving, you will often need to ensure the safety and security of your own belongings on your own since neither are they insured nor will the truck company take responsibility for any lost or damaged goods. On the other hand, when you hire professional movers that have their own fleet of trucks, they not only ensure secure and reliable transportation of all your belongings, but also provide insurance in the case of any lost or damaged items.

  • If you are moving on your own then you are accountable and responsible for your own safety and the safety of all your belongings. Chances are that you will be more likely to damage goods and belongings because of inexperience with packing and transporting. However, when you hire movers, you can delegate this responsibility to the movers who are highly skilled and experienced professionals. This will ensure that nothing gets damaged in the first place and your safety is not at risk and in the case that it is, you can always hold them accountable for the losses.

  • Movers such as Furniture Removal Sydney take pride in being punctual and reliable. When you hire our removals services, you can ensure that all of your belongings will reach their destination on time so that you can move into your new home or office as soon as possible.

  • Bed sets, dining tables, wardrobe, pianos, and other heavy items are always difficult to load into a truck. This heavy lifting requires proper technique and training to execute without risk of injury. When you move on your own, there is a great risk of long-lasting injuries from heavy-lifting. Therefore, it is best that you leave the heavy-lifting to professional movers who have experience of relocating heavy items.
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Our team of professional movers at Furniture Removal Sydney has an experience of over a decade, handling moves of all types and of all sizes. If you are relocating your house, then we can handle moves from as simple and small as studio apartments to as complex and large as 5-bedroom houses. If you are moving your office, then we can cover moves for small business with less than 10 employees and large organizations with over 100 employees. No matter what the size or complexity of your move, we will provide you with reliable and cheap removalists services thanks to our professional and experienced moving team.


Our professional moving team has been in this industry for more than a decade now. Furniture Removal Sydney takes pride in being one of the most experienced and renowned removalists in the state of Sydney. During all of our years in the moving business, we have completed a large number of moving projects with a number of different clients. All of our clients have left positive feedback about our service and testify to the fact that we are among the most reliable and trusted removalists in Sydney. Our advanced equipment, state-of-the-art packing techniques, and experienced team are what enables us to deliver exceptional quality of services to all of our clients. We have experience with handling a wide array of moves from simple one-room apartments to large-scale offices. We know that moving can be a stressful task for most, and this is the reason we provide premium moving services within the Sydney state area.


If you are living in a small, self-contained studio apartment that has just a single room then you can opt for our studio apartment removals services Sydney. This type of move is typically the simplest and takes approximately 1-2 days to complete with minimal costs of moving.
A 1-bedroom house usually consists of a single bedroom with a kitchen, lounge, and dining room. This can vary but this is the traditional size of a 1 bedroom house. For such a move, it takes anywhere between 2 – 4 days to complete the move with low costs. If you are looking to move your 1 bedroom house soon then we recommend our 1 bedroom house removals services Sydney.
A 2-bedroom house consists of more than one bedroom with attached bathrooms and it makes up a sizeable move overall. For such a move, it takes us between 5 – 7 days to complete the move and the costs depend on the exact requirements of the move. If you would like for us to help you move your 2 bedroom house, please reach out to us.
Our 3 bedroom house and above removals service covers everything from average-sized apartments to large estates. Our range of services under this category cover 3 bedroom house removals, 4 bedroom house removals, 5 bedroom house removals, and mansion house removals. The exact time and pricing of such moves depend on the complexity and size of your move. If you would like to learn more about our 3 bedroom house and above removals services, please feel free to get in touch with our team.


Here at Furniture Removal Sydney, we provide you with the most competitive moving rates that you will find in the market as well as the quickest transportation services. We achieve this by providing a range of value-added services to our clients including free packing materials and no additional costs for stairs up to the first level. We even present you with the option of backloading to further cut down on costs by utilizing the free space that we have in our trucks. However, despite our low costs and value-for-money, we never compromise on the professionalism and quality that we deliver to our clients. All our team members including our movers and customer service representatives are well-trained and highly skilled at their jobs which enable us to deliver exceptional quality to our clients. Our expert moving team takes care of everything from the packing and unpacking to transportation in a professional and standardized manner to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

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One of the most stressful and laborious parts of a move are furniture removals. The first reason this is so difficult is because of the heavy weight of the furniture and complexity of its disassembly. Often, there are a number of steps that are involved in moving furniture – it is not as simple as packing and loading it in the back of the truck. The first step is to disassemble and dismantle the furniture. After this, the second step is to pack individual components of the furniture and keep its screws and bolts with the packing with proper labeling. The furniture is then transported, unpacked, and reassembled at the new destination. This is a complex process and often it involves not just skills of handling furniture but also manpower to lift the heavy furniture.
Here at Furniture Removal Sydney, we provide you with a team of professional furniture removalists that are experienced with handling all kinds of furniture. Our skilled team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to disassemble and assemble beds, wardrobe sets, office furniture, pianos, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen furniture. Our furniture removals service guarantees the safety of all your furniture through our well-tested and proven packing strategy. We pack and handle your furniture with great care, just like we do with fragile belongings. Not just this, but we even provide insurance for your furniture so you are covered financially even if there is any damage to your furniture during disassembly, packing, or transportation.
With our furniture removals services, we assure you that all your furniture will be handled by experienced professionals who guarantee the maximum safety of all your furniture items. Above all, this premium furniture removals service comes free of cost when you choose our complete relocation service for house removals and office removals Sydney.



We believe in transparency and this is the reason we keep you updated with what is going on during every step of the move. We let you know about the exact location of your belongings and keep you informed about what step is planned next. Our staffs keep in touch with you at all times to make sure that you are not just well-informed about your move, but also able to express your concerns and direct the move exactly how you want.

All of our trucks are equipped with a GPS monitoring and tracking system that lets us keep you up to date with the location of your belongings. We make use of this to inform you at least half an hour in advance before all of your belongings reach the destination so that you can prepare accordingly.

We believe that our clients are part of our big family. When you entrust your belongings with us, we take care of them just as we would handle our own valuables. For us, you are not just another customer, but a part of the family so we take maximum care and put in all our effort to deliver a pleasant moving experience to you.

Moving can be a stressful and complex process but we tend to simplify the process greatly for you. We avoid giving you the hassle of having to communicate with new movers each time by allocating a dedicated team to your move that is available for you from the first meeting to until the move is complete. Other than this, we handle all the nitty-gritty details of the move including planning, packing, and transportation for you to help you enjoy peace of mind.

When hiring movers, the most major concern that people have is the protection of their valuables and belongings. No one wants to see their furniture and other valuable belongings being damaged or torn during the move. This is the reason our expert team makes use of a proven and state-of-the-art strategy to ensure that all of your belongings are adequately protected. We carpet the walls of our moving trucks with foam and use extra-thick blankets with all fragile items to make sure that your belongings are not damaged even as the truck goes through a bumpy road.

One of the key reasons our customers choose us is because of our competitive prices. We believe in a fair pricing policy where we charge you just for the work that we do, the space you use, and the time you need. Our aim is not to earn maximum profits but instead to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. When you get a quote for your move, it is exact and precise since we charge no hidden costs that you should worry about. In addition to this, we provide a number of value-added services such as free planning to provide you with great value for your money.




Furniture Removal Sydney is proud to be an Australian removalist company that employs highly skilled and qualified Australian professionals. We have established ourselves as one of the best local movers in Australia and as part of our core values, we value teamwork, encourage a stress-free workplace environment, and strive for customer satisfaction and excellence in service delivery.


Choosing the right mover within Sydney is essential for a successful and effective move. The pricing, experience, process, fleet size, and storage facilities are all key factors that determine how good or bad a relocation service is. There are a large number of Sydney movers that are available in the marketplace and it can be difficult to choose from them.


Furniture Removal Sydney has a proven success record as movers which is demonstrated by our portfolio and client testimonials. Highly competitive pricing, reliability, professionalism, and over a decade of experience is what sets us apart from other Sydney movers. Confused about which mover you should choose? Reach out to us and let us show you how we will provide a comfortable and relaxing moving experience to you.



What others say about us


If you want to enjoy peace of mind and lay back as professionals handle your move for you, then Furniture Removal Sydney is just the service for you. We make your move a comfortable and easy one by providing you with the most reliable and convenient way of relocating your home or office within Sydney. We take care of everything for you so that you never have to worry about the time and cost of your move. Get in touch with our team and book your move right away.


  • How long will my move take?

  • As with the cost, the duration of your move largely depends on the complexity and size of the move itself. It is difficult to provide an estimated average time for all moves since every move is different and we can provide such estimates only after knowing your exact requirements. However, just to provide an idea, a simple and small-scale move such as that of a studio apartment typically takes between 1 – 2 days and a complex and large-scale move such as that of a 5-bedroom house typically take up to 3 weeks to complete.

  • Do you provide free quotations for moves?

  • Yes, all the quotations that we provide to our customers are free of cost. After you get in touch with us, we ask you for your moving requirements and analyze them before sending a team to inspect the move. Once this process is complete, we provide you with an accurate and free-of-charge quotation for the move including a breakdown of all the costs so that you can choose to add or remove services as you need.

  • What do your costs cover?

  • When you receive a quotation from us, we provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs of each service that you will be receiving as well as hourly charges for the labor. There are no hidden or additional costs associated with our moves and therefore, you can get an exact breakdown of what our costs cover from the quotation. In general though, our complete relocation package covers planning, scheduling, packing, furniture disassembly and reassembly, vehicle removals, pets removals, unpacking, loading, transporting, labor costs, truck rent, and redecoration costs.

  • How much will my move cost?

  • There is no definitive guide to how much a moving job will cost without knowing your exact requirements. Moves that are complex and large typically cost much higher than moves that are simple and small (like a 1-bedroom house or a startup business). However, regardless of what the complexity or size of your move, our aim is to provide you with competitive prices that are within your budget and do not break the bank.

  • Do you charge a fixed price or per hour?

  • We provide our customers with the flexibility of both fixed price and per hour quotations. When you book a move with us, we provide you with a quotation for both our hourly rate and a fixed price for the entire move. It is completely up to you to choose whichever payment mode is more suitable for you depending on your exact requirements and budget.

  • Do you charge for cancellations?

  • No, we understand that emergencies can happen and that there are occasions when you need to cancel your booking. This is the reason we never charge you for cancellations. We encourage our customers to let us know as soon as possible about the cancellation though.

  • Do you operate on weekends and public holidays?

  • Yes, we operate on the weekends and all public holidays since we recognize this is one of the best times of the year to move. However, we recommend our clients to make advanced bookings for such days since there are a lot of moving requests that we receive during the holidays.

  • How early should I book my move?

  • We recommend our clients to make a booking for their move at least a month before they plan on moving. Even though we entertain short-term bookings, we cannot guarantee that you will find an available time slot with us during a last-minute booking. Therefore, it is recommended to book early and in advance so that everything can be coordinated and customized according to your exact requirements.

  • Should I be available when you pick up my belongings?

  • It is not necessary for you to be available when your belongings are picked up from your old location but we recommend you to be there to coordinate any last-minute activities and/or let us know if you have any special requests at the time. However, if you want, our team will safely and securely move all your belongings even without you being there.

  • Do I have to disassemble my furniture before you move it?

  • Furniture Removal Sydney specializes in disassembly, assembly, and transportation of furniture as part of our furniture removals services. Therefore, unless you want to and have the required experience, we recommend that you choose our furniture removals services that include dismantling, disassembling, packing, transportation, and reassembling of your furniture.

  • Do you move pool tables?

  • Yes, pool tables are classified under home and office furniture which comes under our domain of furniture removals services. We have experts who are skilled with the knowledge and experience of disassembling and moving furniture such as pool tables who handle the move for you. They take great care while packing and transporting your pool table to ensure that it reaches its destination safely.

  • What are my payment options?

  • Knowing that each customer will have a preferred method of payment, we provide diverse payment option to all our clients. For making the payment for your move, you can pay us by cash, by pay order, by bank transfer, or by credit card. Each payment method has its advantages and drawbacks and therefore, we leave the choice of payment options up to you completely.

  • Do you provide services for moving plants?

  • Yes, we provide services for moving your plants to your desired destination. We understand that plants are fragile and need extra care for moving which is why we have plant removals experts on our team who are well-equipped with the knowledge of packing and moving plants. We use special boxes and materials for this purpose to ensure the safety of all your plants.

  • Do you move office furniture?

  • Yes, our experienced team is skilled at handling office furniture including office chairs, executive desks, conference room tables, and workstations. We disassemble all your furniture carefully and pack the various components together with their screws, bolts, and labels to ensure that they can be easily reassembled upon arrival at your new office.

  • Do you move pianos?

  • Yes, as part of our furniture removals service, we cover the move of pianos. We take great care when handling fragile furniture items such as pianos to ensure that they are transported with utmost care. We make use of cushioned walls inside our truck as well as extra-thick blanket covering on your pianos to ensure that your pianos are moved without damage to the new location, even when the truck goes over bumps and speed breakers.

  • What value-added services do you provide?

  • At Furniture Removal Sydney, our objective is to provide you with great value for your money. This is the reason we offer a wide range of value-added services, free of cost. Our value-added services include no cost for stairs (up to the first level), free packing materials, free planning and scheduling services, free furniture disassembly and reassembly, and free redecoration services.

  • Do you cover all areas within Sydney?

  • Yes, our network of offices and trucks across Sydney enable us to ensure quick and reliable moving services through the state of Sydney. Regardless of which area are you located in, we have the movers and resources available to cover your move in no time. When you make a booking with us, we provide you with accurate estimates of how long our team will take to arrive at your doorstep and complete your move to any area within Sydney.

  • What removalists services do you provide?

  • We provide the complete range of removalists services that cover all kinds of move within Sydney. Our variety of services include home removals, office removals, furniture removals, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation, and redecoration. For clients that are looking to move their home, our house removals services are recommended whereas for small and large sized businesses, we recommend our office removals services. Our complete relocation services help you enjoy a stress-free moving experience by taking care of everything during the move for you.


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